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K9 Odors, Patrol Vehicle Odors, Where To Use Arrest My Vest -

Imagining your day without your K9 is nearly impossible. He's your companion, your partner in crime, and, most importantly, he's always got your six! Day after day, he works just as hard as you do. All that hard work adds up, and it can often lead to odors that are far from pleasant. No, he doesn't sweat like we do ... thank goodness. But, he sure does pick up odors from the places he encounters. Over time, he's been getting in and out of the K9 vehicle, and it's starting to lose its freshness. You notice you've been having a...

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K9 Odors, Where To Use Arrest My Vest -

Your K9 is your go-to partner in crime. He's by your side through thick and thin of all your job entails. He works just as hard to get to the bottom of things as you do. You probably can't imagine life without him! At the end of a long day, he deserves the same amount of rest as you do. That's why you spoil the heck out of him off duty. Let's face it, he probably has his special treats, fun toys, and, most importantly, his big, comfy bed. Every time you get close to that bed though, you can't...

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