Odor Absorbing Molecules

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Arrest My Vest

Sprays Are Powered With OAM

What is OAM?  Our Proprietary Odor Absorbing Molecules..


1-  Identifies the odor
2- OAM bonds with odor
3- OAM absorbs the odor
4- OAM breaks down odor
5- Odor is eliminated

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Introducing Odor Absorbing Molecules Technology (OAM) Designed To Tackle The Toughest Law Enforcement Odors on Kevlar and Tactical Gear.

Instantly removes all odors on contact safely without harmful chemicals.


Arrest My Vest is natural, biodegradable, non-toxic and without harmful chemicals, enzymes or nerve agents. It is safe to use everywhere as it is a medical grade material.


Never masks odors. Always eliminates odors Guaranteed! Strong enough for a skunk, yet safe enough around kids and pets. ​Breathe easier with The Stink Solution with OAM


If you're spraying something other than Arrest My Vest with OAM spray, chances are you're spraying harmful chemicals-possibly even nerve agents-into your air.

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