Arrest My Vest Bundle

Arrest My Vest

Does Your Vest Make The Kids Run?

Don't Be The Guy With The Stinky Vest

Odor Eliminating Spray That Instantly Eliminates Odors on Kevlar + Tactical Gear

Powered with OAM and specifically formulated for law enforcement and military gear.

What Makes Us Better And Different


Arrest My Vest Spray is biodegradable, non-toxic and without harmful chemicals, enzymes or nerve agents.


 It is safe to use everywhere as it is a medical grade material.  Never masks odors.  Always eliminates odors, Guaranteed! 

Natural + Non-Toxic

Strong enough for a skunk, yet safe on your skin, around kids, and K9's. ​Breathe easier with Arrest My Vest with OAM.


If you work or play in any job/sport that gets you stinky, you MUST buy this product!

I was in the Army for 6 years, and we would spray down our fitness uniforms with Febreze everyday to try to keep the stank at bay. I got out in 2010 and still have those uniforms and they STILL stink! This spray is NOTHING like Febreze, this actually eliminates the smell instead of just covering it up.

I now work in both security and law enforcement, so I sweat a lot in my body armor and boots. Before I got this, after just one day my body armor carriers would stink so bad that I was switching them out and washing them both every other day. Now, I spray them down at the end of each shift and I can wear one carrier every day for a week without switching. So now I'm washing both of my carriers every other week. And honestly, even after a week they don't smell. I just figured that's dirty enough.

I also had a pair of boots that I wore every day for 2 years. I know, I can hear Drill Sgt Haigler yelling at me to alternate my boots every day, but boots are expensive! So you can imagine the smell these things have acquired. The day I got this stuff, I sprayed out each boot ONCE and the stench is totally gone. That was almost a month ago and 2 years of stank has just disappeared!

The only thing I would possibly consider a con is that the Midnight Fragrance may be a bit much for some people. It smells a lot like Febreze and permeates through the whole house all day. My wife actually likes it though because it's like we have an air freshener in the house. I actually like it too, but if you have a sensitive nose, it may be a bit much for you. I did not get the unscented version, so I can't speak to its smell or effectiveness, but I'm sure it works just as well.

Final thought: if you're looking for a way to keep the stank at bay for your uniforms or sports equipment, BUY THIS!!!

Mark Lyon

Working B-Watch in the Alabama summer with the unyielding humidity my 2-bottle order ever May is mandatory. We have the option to wear a very light shirt with standard patches on sleeves and a soft armor carrier over the top. Instead of taking my soft armor carrier apart after every shift and unzipping the soft armor every week to wash the city off I use this nectar. Simply spray liberally on the inside ( the stink part that is in contact with chest and back ) and then place in front of a fan when you get home. Don't look at the price and think " that's too expensive for two bottles ". Last summer and this summer I not only saved money by using this, the time I saved from not having to wash my outer uniform carrier and unzipping the soft armor to wash the vest that houses it.... I just can't overstate the value of money and time. This juice is as essential as my boot dryer. It does not mask odor like Fabreze and then disparate and stink later. I take my carrier and vest off and the smell after losing 4-5 lbs of water weight after a shift would gag a maggot. After spraying this on it it doesn't smell like a "summer's eve" or the guy's car that smells like Rickey's car with Julian & Bubbles with the fresh smell of Fabreze before you even get out of your patrol car ( TPB ! Lahey ! Ran Ran Bo Bandy ! ). It simply kills any odor. I like using the fan to not only dry it, but as maintenance for my body armor. After a grueling shift with near 100 degree weather with jungle like humidity on our feet in the sun on a scene for 5 hours I sprayed this gold on the inside of my Sargent's vest. He called me the next morning and wanted the link to buy it. I think this is my first review of anything. So yeah, I'm a little long winded in the review. Buy this if you work in a hot, humid area and get that stink every night. It's essential on time and money. This stuff works! Thank you to whoever created this stuff.

Chris Carlisle

I am so pleased with this product! My husband's vest doesn't have to live in the garage anymore! He has told me that he definitely notices if he doesn't spray it after his shift because it smells when he goes to put it back on the next day. I am very picky when it comes to smells, so we have the unscented, so you know it doesn't just mask the odors. This is such a good product! customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Megan James


5.0 out of 5 stars 

Does your vest smell as bad as your balls on a hot summer day?Reviewed in the United States on

First off I am a sweaty bastard. I was always unsure what to use on my vest not knowing if it would damage it and make my vest as good as construction paper. I will say my vest smelled like tit sweat and Cheetos until I decided to pop for this product. Just spray it on and it dries. It got rid of the smell that was built up on there for years. The spray left a very nice classy smelling scent which wasn’t overpowering at all and gave me the feeling as if I was a bald eagle that had just swooped down from a 200 year old, 3 story tree to land a precision strike on a salmon in the Alaskan wilderness. Shortly after I remembered that I was just a slightly overweight guy with high blood pressure. Not to worry though my vest was as good as new. You get two bottles give it a try you’ll like it! customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Jimmy Amazon Review June 7 2018