How to Make Your K9's Bed Smell Better

How to Make Your K9's Bed Smell Better

Your K9 is your go-to partner in crime. He's by your side through thick and thin of all your job entails. He works just as hard to get to the bottom of things as you do. You probably can't imagine life without him!

At the end of a long day, he deserves the same amount of rest as you do. That's why you spoil the heck out of him off duty. Let's face it, he probably has his special treats, fun toys, and, most importantly, his big, comfy bed. Every time you get close to that bed though, you can't imagine how he feels laying in it with that stench! With a 40x better sniffer than ours, he's probably wishing he could plug his nose when he roams into bed every night.

How to eliminate odor from your pet's bed

But, you're facing a dilemma. The bed is too big to put in the washing machine, and you don't want to deal with taking the cover off and putting it back on either. So, if you want to freshen up his throne and give him the best smelling pet bed money can buy, you've found the solution.

Arrest My Vest is perfect for getting rid of any odors caused by your furry friend. You can spray it directly on your K9, his bed, his toys, and his special blankets because our medical-grade formula is 100% safe to use all around him.

Whether his bed and toys have been stinking for months or just a few days, Arrest My Vest can tackle all ranges of smells, guaranteed! Try it out, and you won't be disappointed. If he could speak, he'd thank you, too!

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