How to Remove Odors from Your K9 Vehicle and K9 Bullet Proof Vest

How to Remove Odors from Your K9 Vehicle and K9 Bullet Proof Vest

Imagining your day without your K9 is nearly impossible. He's your companion, your partner in crime, and, most importantly, he's always got your six!

Day after day, he works just as hard as you do. All that hard work adds up, and it can often lead to odors that are far from pleasant. No, he doesn't sweat like we do ... thank goodness. But, he sure does pick up odors from the places he encounters.

How to remove odors from your K9's vest and K9 vehicle

Over time, he's been getting in and out of the K9 vehicle, and it's starting to lose its freshness. You notice you've been having a hard time getting in that car without wanting to plug your nose. You've also been becoming aware that your K9's bulletproof vest is starting to rack up an odor, too!

The show must go on, but it'd be nice if everything smelled a little better. After trying to find ways to freshen things up, you've finally found your answer.

Arrest My Vest is a medical-grade odor eliminating spray that can get rid of all your stinky K9 needs. Use Arrest My Vest directly on seats in the K9 vehicle and his musky bulletproof vest! It is 100% safe to use on or around him because it is all natural, biodegradable, and enzyme-free. You won't have to worry about damaging the seats in the vehicle or his vest.

So, if you're looking to freshen things up around your favorite furry co-worker, you've found your solution.

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