How To Get Odor Out of Working Dog Training Suits

How To Get Odor Out of Working Dog Training Suits

Police K9 units play a critical role in keeping our communities safe. These highly trained dogs are incredibly skilled in tracking down suspects, detecting drugs, explosives, and other contraband. Police K9 units undergo rigorous training programs, which often involve the use of specialized training equipment such as police bite suits. These suits can be costly, and it is essential to keep them clean and odor-free to ensure their longevity.

One of the most significant challenges in maintaining police bite training suits is eliminating the strong odor that often clings to them after use. These odors can be quite pungent and persistent, making it difficult to remove using traditional cleaning methods. This is where Arrest My Vest Odor Eliminating Spray comes in.

Arrest My Vest is a natural, non-toxic, and safe odor eliminating spray that is specially designed to remove stubborn odors from K9 training equipment, including police bite suits. It is incredibly effective in eliminating even the toughest of odors, such as those caused by sweat, saliva, and other bodily fluids.


Here's how you can use Arrest My Vest to get odor out of police bite training suits:

Step 1: Preparation Before you begin, ensure that your police bite suit is clean and free from any debris or loose dirt.

Step 2: Application Once your police bite suit is clean and dry, hold the Arrest My Vest spray bottle about 6-8 inches away from the surface and spray over the entire surface of the suit. Be sure to spray generously to ensure the spray penetrates the odors.

Step 3: Drying Allow the Arrest My Vest spray to dry naturally.

Step 4: Repeat For particularly stubborn odors, you may need to repeat the process. It's safe to use Arrest My Vest as often as necessary until the odor is completely eliminated.


Arrest My Vest Odor Eliminating Spray is incredibly effective at removing stubborn odors from police bite training suits. Its natural, non-toxic formula is safe to use around K9s, making it an ideal choice for law enforcement agencies that take the safety of their canine partners seriously. With regular use, you can keep your police bite suits odor-free, clean, and in top condition, ensuring their longevity for years to come.

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