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After a long, 10-hour shift, all you can think about is going home and relaxing with your family. You are so exhausted from a steaming hot summer day that you do not even care to shower beforehand.At last, you parked in the driveway, and you are ready to greet your family. Not even two minutes into your arrival, your wife says to you, "I'm so happy you are home safe honey, but you smell awful. Are you going to shower and clean up?"In your opinion, not hers, you come home smelling like rotten eggs mixed with sour milk and a...

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Ballistic Vest Odor -

How can I remove sweat and body odor from my tactical gear? The best way to get the odor out of body armor between washings is to spray the carrier shell of the vest with an odor eliminating spray. Use a gentle, non-toxic odor eliminating spray that breaks down odor like Arrest My Vest. Unlike other fabric fresheners, Arrest My Vest doesn’t leave a chemical smell to cover up the odor. The patented formula of Arrest My Vest encapsulates odors and completely degrades them.  One of our law enforcement customers writes:  I wear body armor for ten hours a day...

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