Say Goodbye To Sweat Odor From Your Ballistic Vest

Say Goodbye To Sweat Odor From Your Ballistic Vest

If you’re a law enforcement officer, you know how stinky your ballistic vest can get during the summer. You wear it all day and sweat builds up over time, causing an unpleasant odor. But don’t worry -- we have just the thing to make sure your vest stays fresh and odor-free! Arrest My Vest Odor Eliminating Spray is the #1 spray used by law enforcement officers to freshen up their vests fast. It’s natural, safe, and non-toxic – perfect for getting rid of those stinky odors! Let's take a look at what makes this spray so great for keeping your vest smelling clean and fresh.

how to get sweat smells out of your ballistic vest

How Does Arrest My Vest Work?

Arrest My Vest is more than just a deodorant. It uses powerful OAM Technology to break down odors on contact, rather than simply masking them with perfume or scents. The technology in the odor eliminating spray works by breaking down persistent smells, leaving it smelling clean and fresh! Plus, it's safe for use on any type of fabric – including leather – so you can use it on any part of your ballistic vest without worrying about damaging it.

Benefits Of Arrest My Vest

There are many reasons why Arrest My Vest is the go-to choice for law enforcement officers looking to keep their vests smelling fresh throughout the year. First of all, it's safe and non-toxic which makes it perfect for sensitive skin types. Secondly, it works quickly and efficiently so you don't have to wait around for hours before your vest smells better! Finally, Arrest My Vest is backed by thousands of 5-Star reviews from officers across the United States. It is proven to work, and is relied upon by many LEOs.

Order Today

As summer approaches and temperatures start to rise, now is the perfect time to stock up on some Arrest My Vest Odor Eliminating Spray! This natural spray is designed specifically for combatting sweat smell that builds up in your ballistic vest over time. It's safe, non-toxic, and effective! So if you want to keep your vest smelling fresh no matter how hot it gets outside this summer, make sure you grab some Arrest My Vest today!

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