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Why Trust Arrest My Vest To Eliminate Foul Odor From Your Law Enforcement Gear

In the line of duty, where every detail counts, there’s one silent hero that’s been making a significant difference for law enforcement officer's day to day life - Arrest My Vest.

You may have seen online ads, our TikTok videos, or heard about it from a friend. If you're on the fence about trying it out for yourself, we've gathered some of our favorite reviews from real Arrest My Vest users. Read what a variety of police officers, police wives, and other law enforcement personnel have to say about it.

"First off I am a sweaty b*st*rd. I was always unsure what to use on my vest not knowing if it would damage it and make my vest as good as construction paper. I will say my vest smelled like tit sweat and Cheetos until I decided to pop for this product. Just spray it on and it dries. It got rid of the smell that was built up on there for years. The spray left a very nice classy smelling scent which wasn’t overpowering at all and gave me the feeling as if I was a bald eagle that had just swooped down from a 200 year old, 3 story tree to land a precision strike on a salmon in the Alaskan wilderness. Shortly after I remembered that I was just a slightly overweight guy with high blood pressure. Not to worry though my vest was as good as new. You get two bottles give it a try you’ll like it!" - Jimmy

"This product really works. I washed my shoes four times in the washer and then I dried them with a professional shoe drying machine and they still smelled. I almost had given up on ever having a decent pair of shoes that didn’t smell like crap. Well...lo and behold these shoes smell good now, I don’t know what they put in it but it smells really good. This stuff really works!" - Douglas

"I work as a armored service tech and have to wear a bullet resistant vest while on shift, for 8-14 hours a day. Being in Hawaii it’s very humid and I sweat a lot, making my uniform and vest stinky. I’ve tried everything to remove that sweat smell, from using Lysol, Febreeze, and the drenching in cologne to mask the smell but of course nothing worked well until I tried Arrest My Vest. It doesn’t just cover the smell but it basically it. If you’re like me and hate smelling your own sweat-stink, I highly recommend you buying this." - Dev

"You know your vest stinks. All of our vests stink. This product is the real deal. I sprayed it on a "just worn" vest and almost instantly the funk was dissipated by 90%. I washed the vest after another day of wearing it and thoroughly reapplied. There is no odor! I work in Florida outside all day, I can't describe how much sweat is created. Stop looking for something better, buy this product and you won't be sorry. Your partner will thank you." - Tater

"I have used Arrest My Vest for years, and I depend on it to keep my gear smelling good between washings, it does its job! I love working with the kids at school, but I don't want to smell like them! LOL" - Robin

"I bought this for my husband to use in his vest and his boots. He loves it! He even gave the other bottles to some of the other deputies and work:) One of the deputies uses it for his K-9s vest, also! Overall very happy with the product and will be ordering more in the future:)" - Ashley

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