It’s Not Just for Tactical Gear: 10 Uses for Arrest My Vest

It’s Not Just for Tactical Gear: 10 Uses for Arrest My Vest

Arrest My Vest odor eliminating spray, as the name implies, works wonders on tactical gear and ballistic vests, and flak jackets, eliminating the odors on contact. This spray also gets rid of ANY odor. From ballistic jacket funk to combat boot vapors and from the gnarly mix of vomit and stale cigarettes in the back of the patrol car to the wafting aroma of wet K9, here are a few ways to use Arrest My Vest:

Vests and Tactical Gear. The way to get odor out of bulletproof vests and tactical gear is to spray the carrier with a plant-based odor eliminating spray after each shift. Arrest My Vest is made of a patented plant-based formula that really works to get the odor out of protective armor. Getting odors out of ballistic protection vest, flak jackets, and body armor is what Arrest My Vest Spray is named for. Here’s how one of our customers uses Arrest My Vest:

I was in the Army for 6 years, and we would spray down our fitness uniforms with Febreze every day to try to keep the stank at bay. I got out in 2010 and still have those uniforms and they STILL stink! This spray is NOTHING like Febreze, this actually eliminates the smell instead of just covering it up.

I now work in both security and law enforcement, so I sweat a lot in my body armor and boots. Before I got this, after just one day my body armor carriers would stink so bad that I was switching them out and washing them both every other day. Now, I spray them down at the end of each shift and I can wear one carrier every day for a week without switching. So now I'm washing both of my carriers every other week. And honestly, even after a week, they don't smell.

Arrest My Vest Spray works on tough odors because the patented formula breaks down the odor instead of just masking it with scent.

Jackets, Uniforms, Outerwear, and Workout Clothes. You’ve read testimonials about how well Arrest My Vest works to get odor out of tactical gear and bulletproof vests, but don’t forget your regular uniform and workout clothes.

Arrest My Vest also eliminates odors from clothing. The Odor Absorbing Molecules (OAM) in Arrest My Vest bind with the odors to break them down, and completely eliminate them. So say bye-bye body odor, see ya later, musty closet smell, and ditch the dirty laundry smell. Arrest My Vest doesn’t cover up the funky smells, it eliminates them.

Here’s what one officer says about using Arrest My Vest on clothing:

After every shift, my soft body armor vest would stink. My undershirt would stink too and I wear 2 undershirts underneath my vest for a week's worth of work. After I get home, I take the spray and spray twice on the inside part of the vest and spray it on my undershirt. It literally removes the odor of sweat and daily funk and makes it seem like it came out of the washing machine. 

Another customer explains how she gets the underarm funk out of uniforms:

 I spray the armpits before washing, give them a lil scrub, let them sit for a bit, and then wash with the regular clothes...NO lingering underarm smell!

Helmets. Helmets get funky with sweat. Use Arrest My Vest on the inner lining of helmets to take out the aroma. Our guaranteed formula also treats musty and stale smells. If you’re going to use an air freshener on something that will touch your skin, you want it to be non-toxic. Arrest My Vest is made of natural ingredients and safe to touch skin.

Boots. Use Arrest My Vest on boots to eliminate that not-quite-so-fresh smell of humid boots after a long shift. Boot travels as long and as far as you do during your shift, and in those tight, humid spaces, odor is bound to brew. Spray Arrest My Vest in your boots and let them dry. The spray is safe on skin and also works on feet if you can’t get to the shower fast enough. 

Here’s a comment from one of our military customers:

I had a pair of boots that I wore every day for 2 years. I know, I can hear Drill Sgt. yelling at me to alternate my boots every day, but boots are expensive! So you can imagine the smell these things have acquired. The day I got this stuff, I sprayed out each boot ONCE and the stench is totally gone. That was almost a month ago and 2 years of stank has just disappeared!

Vehicles. Use Arrest My Vest for your vehicle. Did someone vomit in the squad car? What about that lingering cloud of body odor, cheap alcohol, and stale cigarette smoke? Did a wet K9 lounge in your passenger seat? Arrest My Vest odor eliminating spray has you covered in all these areas. 

Spray Arrest My Vest generously on the carpet, rugs, upholstery, and ceiling of your vehicle to eliminate the odors. Many air fresheners simply mask the odor with fragrance, so your car will smell like wet dog, vomit, and perfume. Not ideal. That’s not how Arrest My Vest works. Our patented formula with Odor Absorbing Molecules eliminates and neutralizes odors on contact, which means no more stink. Here’s how another one of our law enforcement  customers uses Arrest My Vest for his vehicle:

I own and train German Shepherds and they often ride in my pickup cab. After cleaning/ vacuuming the cab, this spray is a magic finish to the job and keeps out the dog smell for 1-2 weeks. A little goes a long way. You may want the unscented version for enclosed spaces. Combined with over-the headrest charcoal bags you can confidently carry human passengers without comments.


K9. We love our dogs, but sometimes they smell like they’ve rolled around in a mixture of rotten chicken and moldy grass clippings. There’s nothing quite like the pungent smell of dog in an enclosed space. Spray Arrest My Vest odor eliminating spray to neutralize pet odors. Spray our odor eliminator on pet bedding, in kennels, on furniture, anywhere your K9 has left its signature smell. Because our proprietary formula is made of plant material, water, and fragrance, there are no harmful chemicals. Seriously. Spray Arrest My Vest directly on your dog to make your pooch go from pungent to pleasant.

Potty Training Accidents. Accidents are part of having a puppy, but it’s not all a bed of sweet-smelling roses. For potty training accidents, Arrest My Vest can be used as a general air freshener to clear the air but also eliminates odors in carpeting, bedding, and any other unfortunate object targeted by your pup. 

To get rid of the smell of pet accidents on carpet or upholstery, thoroughly blot the urine with a dry cloth and go over the wet area with a sanitizing wipe or a cloth dipped in mild soap and water and wrung out. After cleaning the area affected by urine, spray Arrest My Vest over the entire affected area. The guaranteed odor eliminating formula in Arrest My Vest will eliminate the urine smell. Arrest My Vest also freshens carpets.


Cigarette Smoke. Cigarette smoke lingers. When sprayed with Arrest My Vest, you can encourage cigarette odor to make a hasty retreat. Arrest My Vest works because the natural Odor Absorbing Molecules cover and encapsulate the odor, breaking it down. For heavy smoke smell, be certain to cover every part of the fabric affected by the odor for complete odor elimination and let the textile dry. 

Some of our customers have actually used Arrest My Vest to shampoo vehicles that are permeated with cigarette smoke smell. When the spray comes in contact with odor, it chemically changes and eliminates the smell. Be certain to use the spray on all parts of fabrics and textile permeated with heavy cigarette smoke: ceiling textiles, seat belt webbing, carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

Smoke. Remove smoky smells with a spray of natural odor eliminator directly on the fabric. For heavy smoke smell, be certain to cover every part of the fabric affected by the odor for complete odor elimination. Let the textile dry. Arrest My Vest is the right odor eliminating spray to completely eliminate smoke smell. 

While a few quick sprays will remove the light smell of campfire, odors that permeate the textile will need more treatment. A lot of times fabrics and carpet that were thought to be unsalvageable can be saved by spraying Arrest My Vest.

Bathroom Odor. To get rid of bathroom odor, use an odor eliminating spray that doesn’t simply cover up smells with fragrance. Spray Arrest My Vest to keep your restroom from smelling like a sewage treatment plant.  Unlike most air fresheners that cover up foul smells, Arrest My Vest is designed to eliminate odors, not simply covering the bad smells up with fragrance. After all, you don’t want your bathroom to smell like a field trip to the local dairy farm mixed with manufactured roses.  

Arrest My Vest can be used like any regular bathroom air freshener, only better. The patented formula The natural plant-based compound encapsulates odor molecules and breaks them down to eliminate the bathroom stink. Odor in the air and on surfaces don’t have a chance. And, unlike most air fresheners, the ingredients in Arrest My Vest odor eliminating spray are plant-based and natural. There are no nerve agents in our products to block your nose from smelling the odor. Arrest My Vest completely and naturally gets rid of foul smells.

Also good to know: spraying Arrest My Vest around the base of toilets gets rid of the smell from bad aim and missed shots that soak into floorboards and cement.

In your line of work, you can encounter foul smell everywhere: the patrol car, the station, and even your own laundry. Arrest My Vest, as the product name indicates, works wonders on smelly vests and tactical gear, and has as many uses as you can find foul smells


Where can I purchase Arrest My Vest?

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