How to remove odor from a smelly uniform

How to Remove Tough Odors from Uniforms, Athletic Gear, and Everyday Laundry

Talk about a long day. Your uniform and gear smell like urine, feces, smoke, and vomit! After a smelly day like today, all you want to do is come home to your family and take a load off. So, that's exactly what you do.

However, from the moment you get inside, no one wants anything to do with those horrendous smells you've accumulated throughout the day. Your entire family is plugging their nose while pushing you and those nasty odors far away. Well, all you have to do is change, and maybe then they'll come running. 

How to get rid of smells from laundry

After you put on a fresh outfit, your family finally welcomes you home with open arms! But, the atrocious smelling uniform still remains somewhere in the laundry basket. You've had unpleasant, smelly days like this before, and you know your washing machine and detergents are going to have to work overtime to eliminate those odors.

If you've found yourself in a similar situation with the world's smelliest uniform, workout clothes, socks, towels, or even regular stinky laundry, it sounds like you need Arrest My Vest's NEW Laundry Booster!

How to freshen up uniforms

Our laundry booster is specifically formulated to eliminate odors from urine, vomit, feces, sweat, food, smoke, and more! On days like this when detergent isn't going to cut it, a laundry boost deodorizer will help!


All you have to do is pour 1/4 cup into the drum of your washer with your detergent and wait for the magic to happen. One bottle lasts about 32 loads! 


Our laundry booster comes in two versions: midnight fragrance and unscented. Our midnight fragrance is our #1 seller in our sprays, so you'll be sure to enjoy it for your laundry, too. If you're looking to just simply eliminate those nasty odors without a fragrance with something that works just as great, our unscented booster is just right for you.

If there's anything coming from you or your officer's laundry, your family's laundry, or even those stinky K9 toys, Arrest My Vest's Laundry Booster will ensure those smells are eliminated! 

If you're feeling discouraged about the smell from your vest, tactical gear, or boots that can't go straight to the washer, don't worry, our sprays still remain.

No one likes having leftover urine residue odor on their uniform and neither does your family. Click here to shop for your laundry booster today. Your squad will wonder how the stinkiest officer went from the best-smelling officer overnight!

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