How to Eliminate Odors from Your Patrol Vehicle

How to Eliminate Odors from Your Patrol Vehicle

Here we go again! You've just picked up another drunk guy roaming the streets causing mayhem. The good news is that he's been cooperating and not putting up a fight. You load him up into your patrol car to bring him to the jail for the night. 

On the routine drive back to the police station, your lovely passenger has decided his body had a little too much to drink tonight. Out of nowhere, he vomits all over himself, his seat, the back of the seat in front of him, the floor, and everywhere else you can imagine right in the back of your vehicle. Awesome, right?!

To make matters worse, you were proud of the squeaky clean car you were driving around in just a few hours before. Thanks a lot, Tequila Tuesday!

Almost instantaneously your eyes are fogging over, you're holding your breath as if your life depends on it, and you can hardly think straight because of the horrendous odors this drunk guy just created. 

By some miracle, you make it to the station without throwing up, too! You take him inside, covered in pizza, wings, and booze, and hope that someone else has a strong enough stomach to take care of him.

Once he's all settled in for the night, you head back to your car, and you're greeted with the throw-up odor once again. You try everything you can to scrub the hell out of the floor mats, seats, and doors, but whatever that man ingested has an unforgiving odor.

Well, you're in luck now that you've stumbled upon Arrest My Vest. This odor eliminating spray is guaranteed to get out that deadly smell you've been dealing with! It is powered with OAM technology, and it is specifically formulated for law enforcement odors just like this one!

Use Arrest My Vest to eliminate odors from vomit, urine, feces, B.O., or any other odors those fun drunk guys bring along. It's even strong enough to eliminate skunk odors, so you don't have to worry about it not being able to get rid of the smells that came from Mr. Drunk. 

Click here to order this life-saving odor eliminating spray. Your nose, your lungs, and your fellow troopers will thank you!

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