How to Eliminate Odor from Workout Gear

How to Eliminate Odor from Workout Gear

From a long day shift to a killer evening workout, the athlete in you doesn't stop. Around the clock, you're constantly exercising and kicking your a** into gear. You're a firm believer in you will sleep when you're dead.

All that hard work doesn't go unnoticed! But, what especially doesn't go unnoticed are smells lingering in your clothes at the end of a lengthy day. You know it, your spouse knows it, and your workout buddy knows it, too. Well, it's hard not to notice when someone smells like a rotten tuna sandwich!

Because you're the hard worker you are, stinky, sweaty days aren't out of the ordinary for you. In fact, day after day, you keep racking up those smells, and your ordinary laundry detergent isn't quite cutting it anymore. Long gone are the days of smelling fresh, clean laundry right out of the dryer. Instead, you've been dealing with partial floral, pleasant aromas mixed with more than a splash of last week's CrossFit sweat. Not cool!

If you're sick of your everyday laundry detergent masking and not eliminating body odor and other smells, Arrest My Vest laundry booster might be your next best friend!

How to deodorize police uniforms


Start your laundry routine like normal. Throw those smelly clothes, uniforms, workout gear, etc. into your washer with regular detergent and fabric softener. Then, add 1/4 cup of Arrest My Vest laundry booster to the drum of your washer. Our powerful, medical-grade, non-toxic, safe formula bonds with odors and eliminates them immediately upon contact! It breaks down the unwanted smells and removes them, it does not mask odors!

Putting on a fresh outfit in the morning should smell, well ... FRESH, not like last night's gym session. Arrest My Vest's laundry booster eliminates odor from sweat, urine, feces, smoke, food, and more from clothes, towels, workout gear, socks, and everything else in your laundry.

Need more convincing?

"The first time I used this product, I could tell an immediate difference in my undershirts for my uniform. I will definitely purchase again when I run out." - Jordan

"Amazing product! It works better than anything on the market! It keeps my uniform and outer vest smelling great. It's a game-changer!" - Colby

"I've been using this on my officer's clothes for over a week now. It is the first product that has completely taken out all of the unpleasant smells. It is amazing, and I would recommend this 1000% to anyone contemplating trying this product!" - Deva

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