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How to Combat A Smelly Bike Helmet

How to eliminate odors from a bike helmet

As a police officer who spends several hours on duty on a bicycle, you're familiar with getting a stinky helmet from time to time. You're proud to spend your daily hustle and bustle riding around the city and monitoring events and local neighborhoods by keeping things in check. However, what you're not proud of is the awful odor that eliminates out of your helmet every time you take it off. At the end of your shifts, you cannot wait to disregard your helmet and forget where it came from. We know you know what we're talking about.

The smell is getting so bad that your partners are even starting to wonder what is wrong with your head. Hey, it's not your fault that your luscious locks aren't the freshest smelling part of your body after a long day. You don't want to keep having this issue, but clearly, you can't throw your bike helmet in the washing machine and call it a day. Good thing you stumbled upon this article!

Arrest My Vest is just what you've been looking for to freshen up and deodorize your bike helmet! This powerful odor eliminating spray uses OAM Technology to absorb the worst odors in every crack and crevice of your helmet. It is specifically formulated to bond with odors and eliminate them immediately upon contact! It is an all-natural, medical-grade formula that is guaranteed to safely remove the smells without harming any of the materials that your helmet is made of or harm your hair/scalp. 

So, the next time you take off your odor filled bike helmet, use Arrest My Vest to get rid of those smells ASAP! You won't regret it, and your partners will thank you.

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