How Do I Get the Stink Out of My Ballistic Vest or Tactical Gear?

How Do I Get the Stink Out of My Ballistic Vest or Tactical Gear?

How can I remove sweat and body odor from my tactical gear? The best way to get the odor out of body armor between washings is to spray the carrier shell of the vest with an odor eliminating spray. Use a gentle, non-toxic odor eliminating spray that breaks down odor like Arrest My Vest. Unlike other fabric fresheners, Arrest My Vest doesn’t leave a chemical smell to cover up the odor. The patented formula of Arrest My Vest encapsulates odors and completely degrades them. 

One of our law enforcement customers writes:

 I wear body armor for ten hours a day which causes me to sweat heavily. I spray my body armor every other day and the product works great. I buy the scented spray which smells great. 

Arrest My Vest completely and naturally gets rid of unpleasant smells. Unlike most air fresheners, Arrest My Vest odor eliminating spray contains only ingredients that are plant-based, safe, and natural. There are no nerve agents that block your nose from smelling the odor. Arrest My Vest is also safe to come in contact with skin. One of our customers explains why he switched to Arrest My Vest:

I used Lysol in the past for my vest but it always smelled like alcohol when I put it on. I switched to this product and I like it much better. I use this product for my patrol car too when the bad guys smell and it works great.

Why Do Ballistic Protective Vests and Kevlar Stink?

When you consider the layers of a heavy uniform, a Kevlar vest, and an undershirt, that’s a lot of layers for sweat to marinate in. One customer describes it as a “muggy sweat chimney.” That’s quite an image, but when you spend 12 hours or more in full gear, you know that description is precise. Another customer says his CIF gear smells like a “warm turtle tank.” That’s an accurate, if not unpleasant description of the encircling smell you inhale during intense training in the sun. Other customers mention the stank of Limberger cheese. Not a great sensory detail, but what’s to be expected after patrolling or staging for hours in the heat?

The problem is that  in order to maintain the integrity of the protective gear, the ballistic armor panels can’t be submerged or dry cleaned. Protective vests consist of a carrier jacket and the ballistic panels. In order to clean the vest, most manufacturers of Kevlar gear and ballistic vests recommend washing the outer carrier vest in the washer after the protective ballistic panels, straps, and trauma plates are removed. These protective elements can be cleaned separately with mild soap on a damp cloth or a gentle wipe like a baby wipe. Arrest My Vest is safe on all types of panels, Kevlar and other composites. It is essential that the ballistic panels don’t get submerged or dry cleaned because the protective fibers will be damaged and loose their integrity.

Because it’s not completely possible or convenient to wash the vest after every shift or exercise, many find that spraying their vests with Arrest My Vest Spray is the best way to stop the gnarly stink.

Does Arrest My Vest Work in Getting out the Funk of Tactical Gear and Ballistic Vests?

Yes! Arrest My Vest safely eliminates all odors. It’s natural formula is safe on all types of panels such as Kevlar and other composites and safe to spray directly on and around your k9s and throughout your vehicle. Arrest My Vest will not stain, but we always say to try it on a patch of fabric to be safe. This product contains no harmful chemicals and is completely safe on your skin. 

Here’s a recent comment from one of our LEO customers:

I have used this product on my armor everyday for over a year. It has no negative effect on the fabric of my armor. I use 2 bottles about every 3 months. My wife and kids no longer wrinkle the face and pinch their nose before a hug goodbye.

Not only does Arrest My Vest work on protective gear, it also works on body odor and all types of odors present in law enforcement (vomit, urine, smoke, to name a few; you could name plenty of other foul smells, we’re sure). Arrest My Vest is a special professional grade formula for Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections and Security services.

Funky. Gnarly. Stinky. Rancid. Musty. Foul. Sour. Nasty. 

These are some of the most common words our customers use to describe their body armor or tactical gear after a 12-hour shift or military maneuvers. With  Arrest My Vest, these odors are gone.

Here’s our most favorite customer review:

No longer do I say “Does anyone else smell that? Oh, it’s me.”

The truth is, when we feel confident, we feel better and do better.

How Do I Use Arrest My Vest on My Protective Gear?

The simple answer is: spray your vest with Arrest My Vest and hang it to dry. 

Our customers are Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Security. They use Arrest My Vest to cut out the stank of their uniforms, flak jackets, and ballistic protection by spraying the carrier vest at the end of each use. One of our customers explains how he uses Arrest My Vest:

I spray them down at the end of each shift and I can wear one carrier every day for a week without switching. So now I'm washing both of my carriers every other week. And honestly, even after a week they don't smell.

Another customer says:

I work 12 hr shifts days and nights and keep [Arrest My Vest] in my locker at work and apply it after each shift.

How Does Arrest My Vest Work to Get Odors out of Tactical Gear and Protective Vests?

Arrest My Vest Spray works differently than other fabric fresheners and air fresheners, and that’s why our customers love it. With a patented, plant-based formula we call Odor Absorbing Molecules (OAM), Arrest My Vest spray bonds with odor molecules on contact and changes the odor to neutralize and destroy bad smells. Because our proprietary formula is made of plant material, water, and fragrance, there are no harmful chemicals. While it’s definitely not recommended, and certainly not delicious, Arrest My Vest air freshening spray is safe enough to drink. 

Arrest My Vest is designed to eliminate odors, and not simply to cover up the bad smells with a different aromatic layer. After all, you don’t want your gear to smell like molding seaweed covered lightly with lavender. Most air fresheners mist a light coating of chemical-smelling fragrances and use nerve agents to deaden your sense of smell, coating the delicate mucous membranes of your nose. Arrest My Vest doesn’t cover up the funky smells: it eliminates them. And what's even better? The patented OAM formula in Arrest My Vest gets rid of stink naturally. 

A lot of studies have confirmed what most people have known all along: we do better when there aren’t bad odors. An article in Scientific American explains how prosocial behavior and productivity increase with pleasant smells and decrease with foul odors :

... the presence of a malodor reduced participants' subjective judgments and lowered their tolerance for frustration. Participants in these studies also reported concordant mood changes. Thus, the observed behavioral responses are due to the effect that the ambient odors has on people's mood.

The gist of this article and dozens of other studies simply repeats what you already know: when you smell your best, you feel better and do better. 

Arrest My Vest started with a customer base for general air fresheners, then a police department approached us and asked for our spray to be made available in gallon sizes. We couldn’t be more proud to serve the officers and personnel who serve us.


Where can I purchase Arrest My Vest?

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