7 Tips for Keeping a Patrol Car Clean and Organized

7 Tips for Keeping a Patrol Car Clean and Organized

Our amazing partner, The Proud Police Wife, wrote this article, and we wanted to share it with you. Click the link to check her out.


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A patrol car (or maybe you call it a squad car depending on where you live) is like a mobile command center for police officers. Yes, they use it to arrive at scenes, to transport people and more, but it is also their office.

Not only does it need to be kept organized but keeping it clean and smelling fresh (as best as they can) is important, too.

Having people in and out of the car, while wearing a hot, smelly vest in the summer heat and keeping food in the patrol car is bound to make things a little smelly. Coupled with paperwork, notebooks and personal belongings, the patrol car can get messy quickly.

Here are some ways to keep a patrol car clean and organized all year long.

7 Tips for Keeping a Patrol Car Clean & Organized

Take out Tupperware, lunchboxes and water bottles after every shift

It is sort of a running joke in law enforcement that police officers frequently leave water bottles and food containers in their patrol cars and rarely bring them inside. Let’s just say that is not going to help any smells in your car. So bring those in to get washed after every shift to help eliminate any smells and keep the car tidy.

Hang an air freshener or two

Arrest My Vest makes odor eliminating air fresheners their most popular scent: Midnight.

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Spray odor eliminating spray

Spraying odor eliminating spray from Arrest My Vest regularly on the floor boards and in the trunk help to zap any unwanted smells immediately. This spray works AMAZINGLY well and we have used it for years now. It is not just for the bulletproof vest, but also gear, patrol cars, K9s and more!

Our favorite scents are midnight, night shift and stressless.

All products from Arrest My Vest are made in the USA, non-toxic, and they support our nations law enforcement officers.

Use a trunk organizer

A trunk organizer like this helps to keep personal belongings, gear and important paperwork in one secure place. A trunk can get very messy, very easily, so this type of organizer can help keep things secure especially while driving.

Use a patrol car cab organizer

These organizers are popular to put in the front passenger side seat so police officers can store everyday items and keep the front of the patrol car organized.

Grab a metal clipboard with storage to organize everyday paperwork and citations

My husband has used one of these for years and they are perfect for storing paperwork but also provide a sturdy place for writing tickets, etc.

This clipboard by Saunders is heavy duty and has over 9,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

Keep mini arrest my vest spray bottles handy

We love using the Arrest My Vest mini spray bottles and keeping them in the car doors for quick and easy use. Whether it is for your vest, K9, or car, they are easy to store and don’t take up valuable space in the patrol car.

I recommend grabbing a bundle deal from Arrest My Vest that includes the full size sprays and mini sprays. That way you have their odor eliminating spray accessible for whenever you need it, whether you are at home, at the station or in the patrol car.

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Again, remember to check out our amazing partner who wrote this blog - The Proud Police Wife.

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