5 Places You Can Use Arrest My Vest Odor Eliminating Spray

5 Unique Places You Can Use Arrest My Vest Odor Eliminating Spray

Whether you’re patrolling the streets, working a long shift at a special event, or just gearing up for your day, maintaining freshness in your tactical gear and uniforms is a necessity. With Arrest My Vest odor eliminating spray, banishing odors is a breeze. Here are the top five places where this deodorizer can really come in handy:

1. In the Squad Car

Hours on the road can leave your squad car smelling less than fresh. From the scent of fast food to the unavoidable perspiration after a busy shift, the confined space of a vehicle can really trap odors. A few sprays of Arrest My Vest in your car’s interior and on the seats will not only neutralize odors but leave a clean, welcoming environment for you and your partner.

2. The Locker Room

The locker room is notorious for being a hotspot of mingled odors – sweat, moisture, and those mystery smells that just won't leave. It’s the perfect place to use Arrest My Vest. Spray it inside your locker, on your uniform, boots, and even those gym bags that never seem to smell clean. It’s safe for all kinds of materials and works instantly to make your locker room a fresher place to gear up.

3. At the Gym

Keeping fit is part of the job, but the gym equipment and your workout gear can start to build up odors that are less than motivating. Before and after your workout, give your equipment and apparel a quick spray. It’s great for communal gear too, ensuring you’re a considerate gym buddy!

4. On Your K9 Gear

For our officers who work with K9s, maintaining clean gear is also about pet safety. Arrest My Vest is non-toxic and safe to use around animals, making it perfect for deodorizing K9 vests, leashes, and training equipment. Keep your furry partner’s gear as fresh as they are, without worrying about harsh chemicals.

5. Home Entryway

After a long day, the last thing you want is to bring the smell of the job into your home. Keep a bottle of Arrest My Vest by your entryway to spray on your boots and uniform before stepping fully inside. It’s a simple step that keeps your home smelling fresh.

With Arrest My Vest, tackling tough odors is quick, easy, and safe. It's designed to be gentle on fabrics but tough on odors, making it your best ally in staying fresh, no matter where duty calls. Click here to order today & give these spots a try and experience a fresher, cleaner routine!

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