Odor Eliminating Spray That Instantly Eliminates Odors on Body Armor + Tactical Gear

Powered by OAM Technology, and specifically formulated for law enforcement and military gear.

Safe, Natural, Guaranteed!

What makes us different? 

Our Odor Eliminating Spray made with OAM Technology is so powerful it doesn't mask odors on body armor and tactical gear, but eliminates them without harmful chemicals - safe around kids and pets.  

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Upgrade Your Laundry Game

Our Laundry Booster eliminates tough sweat, smoke, musty, mildew, and other lingering odors from your uniform, socks, workout clothes, and other everyday laundry.

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Get Odor Out Of All Your Gear

Arrest My Vest is designed to get rid linger odor in your hard-to-wash gear. Quickly and easily spray down your tactical gear, duty belt, boots, and other equipment to get rid of foul smells. Our formula will eliminate odor from sweat, smoke, must, mildew, urine, vomit, and other odors you come into contact with on the job.

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