Mini Turbo Laundry Booster - Unscented (8 oz)

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Mini Turbo Laundry Booster

Arrest My Vest’s Laundry Booster (8 oz) is specially formulated to eliminate odors specifically like sweat, smoke, filth, urine, feces, vomit, and others from uniforms, athletic gear, clothing, gloves, towels, and more! If something in your laundry stinks, Arrest My Vest will be sure to get it out!

***Guaranteed to eliminate the musty, sweaty, nasty odors from ALL types of materials (we are not exaggerating – our military-grade, the professional-strength formula is like magic and can get rid of any stinky smells from the Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security Services, Passengers, etc.). Will not harm or damage your uniform, clothes, or skin. You can even use it on washable K9 equipment.

  • 100% Completely Safe Around Children, Pets, and K9’s
  • 100% FREE from Harmful Chemicals and Enzymes
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if Unsatisfied (just be sure to email us within 14 days & allow us to make it right)
  • Non-Toxic, All-Natural, Non-GMO
  • Made in the USA
  • Unscented is powerful enough to eliminate odors without the need for a fragrance because odors are neutralized and eliminated, not masked by a scent.

How to Use It – Shake bottle before using. Add 1/2 cup to the drum of the washing machine. One bottle lasts for 2 loads.

How It Works – Identifies with odor. Bonds with odor. Neutralizes odor. The odor is eliminated.



What is O.A.M?
O.A.M. stands for Odor Absorbing Molecules. It is our plant-based, biodegradable, non-toxic formula without harmful chemicals, enzymes, or nerve agents. The nature of O.A.M. won’t harm any fabrics or materials, skin, or hair.

Does it just mask and cover up the odor?
No, Arrest My Vest eliminates the smell of the odor upon immediate contact.

How much do I need to use?
Add 1/2 cup to the drum of the washing machine.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes, if for any reason Arrest My Vest doesn’t work, please email us within 14 days & allow us to make it right!

Is there a smell it won’t eliminate?
We have not found one: Arrest My Vest works on EVERYTHING!

Is it safe to use around kids and pets?
Yes, our ingredients are 100% safe on skin and fur because we’re 100% Natural, Vegan, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, and Contain NO Enzymes.

Will it eliminate the odor forever?
Yes, unless the odor is reintroduced, Arrest My Vest WILL remove the odor FOREVER!

Will it stain?
No, Arrest My Vest with OAM (Odor Absorbing Molecule) Technology is colorless and will NOT stain fabrics and materials.