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This Bundle Includes:

  • Buy Three 16 oz Sprays
  • Get Three 4 oz Sprays FREE

Odorless Camper Odor Eliminating Spray is formulated to eliminate odors specifically from RVs, Tents, Coolers, Camping Chairs, Sleeping Bags, and more. We know the feeling of uncovering musty camping gear that’s been in the garage for too long, and it needs freshening up ASAP before the big weekend trip. We also know you want to get rid of the smells that come home with you after some fun days in the sun and nights by the fire. Whatever the case may be, if your camping gear stinks, Odorless Camper can fix it!

***Guaranteed to eliminate odors on ALL types of materials and surfaces. Our medical-grade formula can get rid of any odors left from mold, mildew, fish, deer, pets, skunks, smoke, food, you name it. Odorless Camper will NOT harm skin, fur, or other materials. 

  • 100% Safe Around Children and Pets
  • 100% FREE from Harmful Chemicals
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if Unsatisfied (just be sure to email us within 14 days & allow us to make it right)
  • Made in the USA 
Weekender is a spicy, rich, warm woody fragrance with bright notes of lime, bergamot, and pineapple enhanced with notes of rose, and jasmine; sitting on masculine base notes of green moss, dark musk, cedar, sandalwood, and amber. If you've ever smelled Old Spice Swagger and liked it, Weekender is right up your alley! 



"Not very often that something works as it's advertised. This stuff works great! I wasn't expecting much but it really does get rid of the lingering smell. I don't think it's just masking it either because it's been three days and the odor is not coming back." - Chris

"I have looked for 30+ years to find something that gets rid of urine smells. I’m so excited to say this absolutely does it! It’s amazing. I have spent 100’s of dollars over the years thinking this or that one would work all to no avail. FINALLY, I found a spray that instantly works, and at a great price. It’s been worth every penny. I will definitely buy many times." - Sharron

"I wish I could give this product 100 stars! I've tried 5 other sprays, baking soda, vinegar, and airing out a smokey camping sleeping pad, but could not get rid of the smell. One application of this spray and the smoke smell was practically gone. I did spray 2 more applications just to make sure the smell wouldn't come back and it didn't. I’m so glad I found this product!" - Natalia



What is OAM?
OAM stands for Odor Absorbing Molecules. It is our plant-based, biodegradable, non-toxic formula without harmful chemicals, enzymes, or nerve agents. The nature of OAM won’t harm fabrics, material, or finishes on any item.

Does it just mask and cover up the odor?
No, Odorless Camper eliminates the smell of the odor upon immediate contact.

How much do I need to use?
Use enough to saturate and fully penetrate the smelly surface/material.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes, if for any reason Odorless Camper doesn’t work, please email us within 14 days & allow us to make it right!

Is there a smell it won’t eliminate?
We have not found one: Odorless Camper works on EVERYTHING!

Is it safe to use around kids and pets?
Yes, our ingredients are 100% safe on skin and fur because we’re 100% Natural, Vegan, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, and Contain NO Enzymes.

Will it eliminate the odor forever?
Yes, unless the odor is reintroduced, Odorless Camper WILL remove the odor FOREVER!

Will it stain?
No, Odorless Camper with OAM (Odor Absorbing Molecule) Technology is colorless and will NOT stain fabrics and materials.