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Imagining your day without your K9 is nearly impossible. He's your companion, your partner in crime, and, most importantly, he's always got your six! Day after day, he works just as hard as you do. All that hard work adds up, and it can often lead to odors that are far from pleasant. No, he doesn't sweat like we do ... thank goodness. But, he sure does pick up odors from the places he encounters. Over time, he's been getting in and out of the K9 vehicle, and it's starting to lose its freshness. You notice you've been having a...

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Patrol Vehicle Odors, Where To Use Arrest My Vest -

Here we go again! You've just picked up another drunk guy roaming the streets causing mayhem. The good news is that he's been cooperating and not putting up a fight. You load him up into your patrol car to bring him to the jail for the night.  On the routine drive back to the police station, your lovely passenger has decided his body had a little too much to drink tonight. Out of nowhere, he vomits all over himself, his seat, the back of the seat in front of him, the floor, and everywhere else you can imagine right in...

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